//Connect Implementation Guide

//Connect is how //Signal, sticky ads, whitespace ads, and //Unblock are deployed. Here's how to add Sovrn //Connect to your site.

Sovrn //Connect is our ultra-lightweight, single-container delivery system. It sends Sovrn technology to your page in a simple line of code, latency-free, without the need for updates. //Connect helps you manage your ad stack, create and deploy high-impact //Signal ad units, and even mitigate the effects of ad blockers with //Unblock. Ultimately, it simplifies your connection to the best in monetization technology.

Putting //Connect on your site is easy. Your first step is to contact Publisher Support and inquire about implementing //Connect. Then, we'll supply you with a single line of the code (a JavaScript call) that should be added to all pages where you would like to use Sovrn //Connect.

Once you have your //Connect Code, you can implement it in one of three ways:

  1. Hardcoding to all relevant pages by inserting the tag after the section of the page, ideally in the header.
  2. Trafficked to all relevant pages via a tag manager, meaning the JavaScript is uploaded as an HTML script to a tag manager.
  3. Trafficked as a creative via a vacant ad server ad slot (e.g. 1x1 or Out Of Page (OOP) slot)

If you plan to apply geo or device targeting, it will need to be managed on your side—either via your tag manager or by utilizing your ad server’s targeting capabilities as you would for any other line item.

Important info for DFP users: when trafficking a //Signal Tag as a creative via DFP, ensure that ‘serve into a SafeFrame’ is unchecked.

That's it. Once //Connect is on your page, you'll have access to a wealth of products that will help you build, operate, and grow your online business.