1. Sovrn //Signal & //Connect
  2. Implementing //Signal with //Connect

//Connect Implementation Guide

//Connect is how //Signal, Sovrn //Commerce, whitespace ads, and other Sovrn products are deployed. Here's how to add Sovrn //Connect to your site.

Sovrn //Connect is our ultra-lightweight, single-container delivery system. It's only 16 kb, which is a third the size of the average Prebid wrapper.

It delivers Sovrn products, such as //Signal, to your page in a simple line of code, latency-free.

Putting //Connect on your site is easy. If you are not already in contact with our support team, your first step is to email publishersupport@sovrn.com to request a tag. 

Once you have your //Connect Code, you can implement it in one of three ways:

  1. Hardcode //Connect to all relevant pages by inserting the tag in the header, above your Header Bidding (HB) and Google Ad Manager (GAM) implementation. This is the recommended implementation method.
  2. Insert your //Connect code to all relevant pages via a tag manager. This requires that you upload the //Connect JavaScript as HTML script to a tag manager. It is still recommended for //Connect to be delivered above your HB & GAM implementations.
  3. Implement your //Connect code as a creative via a vacant ad server ad slot (e.g. 1x1 or Out Of Page (OOP) slot). Please find more information on how to do this here

Note: GAM delivery is not recommended for publishers planning to use //Connect to deliver //Signal Segments.