Approved Merchants in Commerce

Find and search your approved list of merchants with detailed information on conversion rates, commissions, and payout structure

  1. Start by clicking the "Approved merchants" tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard.Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 3.31.54 PM
  2. The Approved Merchants page will now load the full list of merchants that you are able to monetize for your selected "Site" and provide the basic details like commission structure, estimated earnings per click, and commission ranges.

    Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 3.33.56 PM

  3. From the top search bar you can search for specific names of a merchants that you would like to check the details of.
  4. Once you find your desired merchant, you can click on the merchant's name to pull up the merchant's details.
  5. Compare and contrast merchants you love, and discover which merchants will perform the best for your content.
To learn how to link to your favorite merchants visit: How to create and manage your affiliate links in the Sovrn platform  

Merchant Details

  1. Logo for selected merchant and Average Earnings Per Click across the Sovrn network. 
  2. Potential Earnings (CPA) - This merchant pays on a cost per action (sale or lead) basis, the rates below are what you can expect to earn from sales you generate to this merchant.

    Network rates - If available, merchant rate information is imported directly from network partners and updated daily. 

  3. Potential Earnings (CPC) - This merchant pays on a per click basis. The per click rate provided is averaged across the Sovrn network. CPC rates may vary by merchant budget availability and traffic quality.

  4. Domains - Domains approved by the merchant for monetization.

  5. Countries - Origin of customer traffic accepted by the merchant.

  6. Description - General information for the selected merchant. If available, "Terms and conditions" are provided.

Note: All of the merchant metrics provided are calculated estimates, actual rates may vary.


Questions? We are here to support you, contact publisher support.