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Analytics Dashboard in Commerce

The Sovrn Commerce dashboard contains metrics to help you understand how your affiliate links are performing. Read more on how to use the dashboard and to understand how CPA and CPC metrics are displayed.

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What is the Analytics dashboard and where can I access it? 

How quickly does the dashboard update? 

Why has the revenue in my Dashboard dropped?

Why aren't page views showing in my dashboard? 

What are CTR and EPC?

What are CPC and CPA? 

How do CPA and CPC programs work and how can I understand them in my dashboard?

Will I earn on a CPC or CPA basis? 

Can I disable CPC or CPA merchants?


What is the Analytics dashboard and where can I access it? 

The Sovrn Commerce, formerly VigLink, Dashboard allows you to view your performance from a combination of metrics most important to your content strategy.


How quickly does the Dashboard update?

There are common reasons for a discrepancy. First, there is a slight delay in the Dashboard. Page views show within the day, clicks within 1-2 days, and revenue typically within 2-5 days. This delay is represented by the dotted lines that cover the last five days. Note that page views will only be tracked if you are using the Javascript.

Why has the revenue in my Dashboard dropped?

Revenue normally stabilizes within five days but can continue to change as Sovrn //Commerce is paid by merchants and revenue reversals are processed. Revenue never technically locks, but is almost always stable by the time payments are made.

Merchants can reverse commissions for various reasons including, but not limited to:

  • An order is canceled
  • Merchandise is returned
  • A discount code or coupon is used when the order was placed
  • The merchant believes the traffic driven to a CPC campaign is illegitimate

Finally, note that the Dashboard defaults to showing the past 30 days. If you earned more revenue 31 days ago than you did yesterday, it can appear at first glance that your revenue has dropped or disappeared. You can use the date filters to see past revenue.

Why aren't page views showing in my dashboard? 

Page views will not show in the dashboard if you have only implemented Links aka Anywhere links on your site.
To see page view reporting, you must use the javascript method of Commerce installation. See how to do this here

What are CTR and EPC?

CTR stands for click-through rate. We calculate your CTR by dividing your total number of clicks by impressions and multiplying that number by 100.

EPC stands for earnings per click. We calculate your EPC by dividing your revenue by your total number of clicks. Note that EPC is a calculation; it is not a guaranteed flat rate that you will earn per click (CPC rate).

What are CPC and CPA?

CPC (Cost per Click)

CPA(Cost per Action)


How do CPA and CPC programs work and how can I understand them in my dashboard? 

There are two ways to earn money through Sovrn Commerce: CPA (cost per action) programs, and CPC (cost per click programs). For CPA programs, publishers earn a commission on any sales that result from a click. For CPC programs, publishers earn a flat rate for each qualified click they send to the merchant.

If you have revenue without sales in your Dashboard, this likely is CPC revenue.

If a merchant maintains both a CPA and CPC program (marked CPC/CPA in the Merchant Explorer), your click can be routed through either a CPA program or a CPC program. It is never the case that a click can earn through both programs simultaneously. Our system determines which program will yield the highest amount of revenue for our publishers over the long run and routes the click appropriately.

Will I earn on a CPC or CPA basis? 

Sovrn currently enables both CPC and CPA affiliation when you sign up for an account. This will give you access to more merchants (as many merchants only offer a CPC or CPA affiliate program), and can help to increase your average Earnings per Click. If a merchant operates both a CPC and CPA affiliate program, Sovrn will send your click to the highest paying merchant, taking into account your eligibility for both the CPC and CPA programs. The individual attributes of your click may restrict its eligibility to only the CPC or CPA affiliate program, at the discretion of the merchant. 

Can I disable CPC or CPA merchants? 

If you are a loyalty site, you may want to disable CPC based affiliation, as this will not track any sales that your user generates on the merchant’s site, and will instead compensate you for eligible clicks that you are sending to the merchant’s site. However, please note that removing CPA or CPC affiliation could limit the number of merchants that you can work with, and decrease your average earnings per click potential. We do not recommend disabling CPC affiliation for most use cases, as it will lead to a decrease in revenue.

If you would like to learn more about this, please reach out to Sovrn Support at commercesupport@sovrn.com. 

Why does my web tracking tool shows more clicks to a merchant than the Dashboard?

Sovrn Commerce only tracks affiliate clicks. If you are generating clicks that are ineligible to earn, these clicks will not appear on your Dashboard. Some of the reasons for ineligible clicks include the following:

  • The merchant program is restricted.
  • The merchant is paying out on a CPC basis and your link is not on the daily list of eligible products.
  • The person clicking on your link is outside the list of countries from which the merchant is accepting traffic.

How can I compare my Javascript traffic and my Create Links traffic?

Publishers are not currently able to parse Create Links traffic from Javascript traffic. All Create Links data is recorded under Convert.

For reporting purposes, Sovrn Commerce recommends creating a separate Site for any platforms you might use Create Links (email, Twitter, etc.). You can then view the data for each Site separately by using the dropdown underneath the "ALL SITES" filter.

You can create a new site by visiting this site here and clicking on the orange "ADD SITE" button.

How do I see a list of purchased products?

Not all merchants provide information on merchandise sold. However, if the merchant does provide that information, Sovrn //Commerce will pass it along to the publisher. You access that information at this site and follow these steps:

  1. Access the Dashboard
  2. Click on the drop down menu on the bottom right of the screen
  3. Select "Merchandise"

Some merchants do not offer product names in their sales data. In these cases, merchandise line items may show up as "N/A",  "null", or blank depending on the network.

Why don't I see revenue in my dashboard for a sale with a travel/event merchant that I know occurred?

Most merchants pay a commission on the day of the sale, which in turn will typically reflect in the Dashboard within 2-5 days. However, event-based merchants (travel, hotels, sporting events, etc.) typically pay a commission after the event has completed.

Is there a way to print or download the generated chart?

Yes. In the upper righthand corner of the chart, you will see a icon. It will download in CSV format.

How does the dashboard display currencies other than USD and how are exchange rates calculated?

Sovrn Commerce only reports and pays out in the U.S. dollars (USD). In cases where other currencies are initially involved, Sovrn Commerce queries the Open Exchange Rates' API to calculate the conversion. More about Open Exchange Rates can be found at their website.