Reports in Commerce

Request detailed performance and merchant reports, delivered directly to your inbox.

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 How do I request a report (sent to my email)?

  1. Find the Commerce Analytics page by logging in and navigating to the Commerce here

  2. Click on the "+ Reporting" button in the top right hand corner or the Commerce Analytics page. 

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  3. From the dropdowns, select a "Site" and "Time frame" you would like to apply to your reports.
  4. Select the report types you would like to receive by checking the box next to each report title. See the "Reports" section below to learn more about each report type. 
  5. Once you have the reports you would like selected, press the Send button in the top right hand corner. 

    Note: Depending on size, generating reports may take some time. Once generated, requested reports will be sent directly to the email address on your account. Please reach out to publisher support if you would like to update this address.

Performance Reports

CUID/UTM Report 

The CUID/UTM report provides link level performance metrics with the addition of custom tracking identifiers (CUID), link UTM parameters and page UTM parameters based on the site and time frame you have selected. This report only includes data for clicks that you have earned revenue from. 

To learn how to add a CUID and UTM parameters to you links, visit our guide on How to create and manage affiliate links.

Revenue Update Report

The Revenue Update report is the most granular transaction report provided by Sovrn. It provides all transaction level click details including revenue, transaction date and the date that we updated this revenue in our system. This report is useful for reconciling clicks, transactions and payouts.

Note: Transaction ID is a Click ID when paid on a per click basis.

Non-monetized Clicks Report

The Non-monetized clicks report provides you insight into clicks that were not monetized for the site and time frame you have selected. We have also included country as well as device type, the most common factors when investigating unaffiliated clicks. 

Not sure why some clicks aren't monetizing? We are here to help.

Merchant Reports

Approved Merchant Report

The Approved merchant report provides you with a comprehensive list of merchants that you are approved to monetize with based on the site you have selected. This includes approved countries, an estimated earnings per click (EPC) for merchants paying on a cost per click (CPC) basis and an estimated commission rate for merchants paying on a cost per action (CPA) basis. This report comes pre-sorted with Sovrn's highest earning merchants at the top.

📄 Note:

Estimated rates provided are averaged across the entire Sovrn network. Actual rates may vary due to merchant budget availability and traffic quality. 

Merchants at Risk Report

The Merchants at risk report provides you with a list of merchant programs that have recently been paused or cancelled. Also provided is the revenue that you have earned with these merchants over the last 30 days for the site you have selected. This report is structured to aid your content strategy by identifying merchants that you may no longer earn from. 

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