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Ads.txt Quick Implementation Guide

Easily create or update an ads.txt file to be valid and accurate.

📄 Note:

  • For more in-depth information about ads.txt, please view our complete guide to creating and updating your ads.txt file.
  • You can find your own ads.txt file on this page of your account on the Sovrn platform. 

If you still need help after reviewing this information, please reach out to our support team by filling out this form or with an email to publishersupport@sovrn.com. We're happy to help! 

Ads.txt File Quick Install Steps: 

  1. Open or download a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service. This an easy way for you to transfer files from your computer to your website.
  2. Create a .txt file with your ads.txt information. Use a text editor or a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, or Atom to create and save a text file (with a .txt file extension) in an easy-to-locate folder on your computer.
    • Name this file ads.txt.
    • The file should contain the ads.txt lines provided in your account here. For more information on how the lines should be formatted, see this article or reference the IAB spec, page 6. 
    • The file must be a .txt file extension. 
  3. Connect to your website using FTP. Open your FTP client and login to your domain’s FTP using your web host credentials. 
  4. Select the ads.txt file you created within the directory of your computer. Drag it to your website’s home directory.
    • The file must be on the root level of the domain.
    • The file must have Read permissions set to World. 
  5. Check the ads.txt domain is present. Open your internet browser and ensure the ads.txt is displaying by navigating to www.yourdomain/ads.txt.

Still have questions?

See this in-depth article or reach out to the Sovrn Support Team for assistance. 👍