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Will I Receive a 1099?

Not all Sovrn publishers will receive a 1099 report for tax purposes. Find out here if you qualify to receive one.

If you are wondering whether or not you need a 1099 from Sovrn, this article is for you. We're here to help you be fully prepared for the upcoming tax season.

Below is some general information and some of the qualifiers to receive a 1099 from Sovrn. Keep in mind there may be other qualifiers, but the main things to consider are below. If you do not meet the criteria specifically for the previous tax year, you will not receive a 1099 from Sovrn.

  • If you were paid less than $600 in the previous tax year: You will not receive a 1099 report.
  • If you were paid via Paypal: You will receive your tax documents from Paypal, not from Sovrn. Check the Paypal Help Center to find out more. 
  • If you were paid more than $600 in the previous tax year AND you are not paid via Paypal AND you are filing taxes as an individual, partnership, trust or LLC-partnership: You will receive a 1099 from Sovrn in the mail. 

Per IRS guidelines, 1099s are mailed out by January 31st. 

Please note: you are obligated to report income you receive, whether or not that income is reported on a Form 1099 or another tax report. Sovrn is not able to provide you with any tax advice and we recommend that you consult your own tax advisor.

Please reach out to us at Publisher Support if you feel that you qualified for a 1099 and did not receive it, or have any questions about whether you qualify to receive one.