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What is the Lijit ad serving domain?

Lijit.com is the Sovrn ad serving domain. It handles every request on our TAG-certified network, and serves the needs of all our programmatic partners.

This documentation clarifies questions you have regarding Sovrn’s ad serving domain, Lijit.com.

First, a brief history of Lijit:

  1. Lijit—a programmatic advertising company—was acquired by Federated Media in 2011
  2. Federated Media's programmatic ad business (formerly Lijit) spun off and was rebranded as Sovrn in 2014

What is the Lijit.com ad serving domain?

Every Sovrn programmatic advertising service is still operated using the Lijit.com domain. This means that this domain handles all network requests to the Sovrn’s ad exchange. Similarly, Sovrn’s third-party advertising cookie references Lijit.com. All Sovrn’s programmatic advertising partners call the Lijit.com domain for their advertising needs (such as cookie syncing).

Sovrn is TAG Platinum certified, TAG's highest achievement for commitment against fraud, piracy, and malware in the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why do Google search results associate Lijit.com with malware?
    • The websites referenced misinterpret the use of third-party cookies for advertising. Sovrn uses cookies to track when advertisers win impressions, for user syncing, and to support advertisers’ campaign attribution.

      Sovrn’s ad serving technology is built on top of OpenRTB standards. Ads served through Lijit.com do not contain malware. In fact, to preserve the user experience of our publishers’ domains, Sovrn’s Ad Exchange uses market-leading, real-time technologies to detect and immediately block bad ads, malware, and other threats from bad actors.
  • I advertise with Sovrn. Is there any option for me to remove the Lijit.com domain from our ads.txt file without significant impact on monetization?
    • No. If you remove Lijit from your ads.txt file, many of our advertising partners will be unable to recognize you are selling through Sovrn’s Ad Exchange, and will stop buying your supply. Removing Lijit.com from your Ads.txt file will significantly impact monetization.
  • Are there any plans to stop using this domain?
    • We currently have no plans to migrate Sovrn’s ad serving off the Lijit.com domain. To do so would require coordination from all our publishers and advertising partners. 

If you have any other questions about our ad serving domain or how Sovrn uses it, please don't hesitate to contact support.