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What is Prebid Server & How to Set it Up with Sovrn

Implementing Prebid Server can be a bit of a challenge for publishers that are lacking developers or development skills. Learn more about how to set it up.

Prebid Server allows publishers to include server-to-server connections for their demand partners as opposed to and/or in addition the traditional client-side request model. In this way, all demand partners’ requests are passed in a single http request to the server that is hosting the Prebid Server instance.

Anyone can implement a Prebid Server instance on one of their own servers, but we recommend using the one that the Prebid developers support. In addition to eliminating the deployment process from the publisher’s workflow, each instance has its own shared cookie store for user data to eliminate the necessity of on-page data syncing methods.

How to Implement Prebid with Sovrn

Implementing Sovrn into the Prebid Server auction is easy, and can be done through your current wrapper. The overview for Prebid Server can be found here.

If you are not going to be hosting your own instance, you will need to sign up through Prebid Server to utilize their hosted instance. When you sign up, you should receive an email with your account ID, which will be used in this configuration.

Your next step is to ensure that your library is set-up for Prebid Server. You can go to the Prebid download page, and make sure to check Prebid Server in addition to any partners that you are using in your wrapper.

The final step is adding the configuration to the wrapper. Note that the code must go before the call to pbjs.requestBids. We recommend placing the code directly before your ad unit array declaration. It should look like the code below.

Please note that the timeout set for the prebid server configuration should be at or below the PREBID_TIMEOUT that you have set for the wrapper.

s2sConfig: {
accountId: '1', //accountId noted above
enabled: true,
bidders: ['sovrn', /* other demand partners */],
timeout: 1000,
adapter: 'prebidServer',
endpoint: 'https://prebid.adnxs.com/pbs/v1/auction',
syncEndpoint: 'https://prebid.adnxs.com/pbs/v1/cookie_sync',
cookieSet: true,
cookiesetUrl: 'https://acdn.adnxs.com/cookieset/cs.js'

If you are hosting Prebid Server on your own servers, please reach out to our Publisher Advancement team for support.