Traffic Segmentation

Sovrn requires that you submit all of your domains, social media profiles, or apps for approval individually

If you are planning on placing an affiliate link on one of your sites, social media profiles or apps, it will need to be reviewed for approval individually by our network quality team. The following guide walks through the benefits of segmenting your traffic, and how you can segment your traffic. 

Benefits of Segmentation

Segmenting your traffic has numerous benefits, including: 

  1. Proper tracking and attribution in your account
  2. Correct classification of content for each of your sites
  3. Maintaining compliance with Sovrn’s Network Quality standards 
  4. Providing required transparency to partnered merchants and networks

First, adding each website or social media account individually ensures that the data in your Sovrn Commerce dashboard is accurate. Adding individual sites to your account will create a Unique Javascript Code that you can place on each of your sites, and allows you to create unique individual affiliate links for each site. When you install each unique javascript snippet, or place the unique Create link on your site, any clicks and revenue generated will be associated with the corresponding site.

In your Sovrn Commerce dashboard, you can filter by each individual site (or all of your sites) to see how your performance varies across each of your domains. This can illuminate where you are receiving the most traffic and driving the most revenue! For example, you may notice that your Facebook account receives more clicks than your Instagram account, or that your first website drives more sales than your second website. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 3.14.10 PM

These insights can help you to better understand and optimize your account.

Second, including each of your domains in your account will ensure the correct classification of each of your sites. The way that you promote an affiliate link on one of your sites may be different than how you promote it on a different site. It is important to our Merchant partners to distinguish between these promotional methods and your approval for a merchant may vary depending on how you are promoting their products. Individually submitting all of your sites for approval ensures that your merchant approval and promotion will be accurate, transparent, and compliant. As an additional benefit, this will help to ensure that a merchant or network decision to exclude one of your sites doesn’t negatively impact your entire account.

Third, submitting each of your sites for approval ensures that you are compliant with Sovrn and our partners. Adding affiliate links to sites or social media profiles that you have not submitted for approval violates Sovrn’s policies and the policies of our Merchant and Network partners. Failing to segment your traffic and submit each of your domains for approval could result in your ability to affiliate with merchants being disabled. 

Adding Additional Sites to your Account

When first signing up for Sovrn Commerce, you will only be prompted to submit 1 of your sites for approval. However, you may add additional sites in your Site Settings.

To begin, please navigate to this page, and clicks “Add Site” 

You will be prompted to categorize your site and verify your domain. Once added, you will see it in your list of sites.

Next, you will need to implement Sovrn Commerce on your new site. You can do so either through implementing Sovrn Commerce’s Javascript or by adding a Create Link to your page. 

When installing the Commerce Javascript, please make sure to select the correct site from “Step 1”. This will ensure that the correct site is evaluated for approval, and that your resulting clicks and revenue will be recorded under the correct domain. 

Alternatively, if you are using Create Links, please select the appropriate site from the drop down menu in the "Site" menu within your links. Again, this will ensure that the correct site is evaluated for approval and that your resulting clicks and revenue are recorded under the correct domain. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 3.19.42 PM

Once Sovrn sees affiliated clicks coming from your site through either of these methods, your site will be reviewed for approval by our Network Quality team. If approved, you will see clicks and revenue begin to track in your dashboard for this specific domain.