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Sovrn Third Party Offerings

Did you know that you can integrate with Sovrn in Google OB, or Amazon TAM? Find out how you can monetize your site's inventory with Sovrn demand.

Whether you are a publisher who is unable to utilize Header Complete, dissuaded by the technical burden, or just looking to expand your ad stack, Sovrn has several integrations into 3rd-party products that allow you to monetize your inventory through our demand.

For assistance integrating with any of the products listed, please reach out to our publisher support team at publishersupport@sovrn.com.

Google’s Open Bidding

To borrow a quote from a popular AdMonsters article, “Exchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation is, in a nutshell, Google’s answer to header bidding.”

The Exchange Bidding product is essentially a server-side auction that integrates several demand partners and mediates the auction in *effectively the same way as a client-side wrapper. The advantage that publishers get from EBDA and similar products is the ease of integration, with a tradeoff of being less customizable. It can also be used in conjunction with a traditional wrapper, though in general, we would discourage this practice unless the publisher is not able to access a demand partner directly who is integrated with Google’s product.

Amazon’s TAM

TAM stands for Transparent Ad Marketplace and is similar to Google’s solution above. Amazon’s product also includes many well-known demand partners, and requires less development work than Prebid and other client-side wrappers, at the cost of being less customizable.

The decision between EBDA and TAM seems to be a matter of personal preference. There is reason to that TAM’s mechanics are more transparent, as Google has notoriously given an inline track to its own demand with AdSense and AdX.

That being said, we see many publishers utilizing each of the products with various levels of success, and at the end of the day it really comes down to the wrapper that yields the most success on your site.

Index Exchange Header Bidding Wrapper

Of the products listed in this article, Index Exchange’s wrapper is the most similar to Prebid or other client-side solutions. This product is not open-sourced, and our internal engineering teams are not as familiar with this product as we are with traditional client-side wrappers like Prebid.

Nonetheless, we have quite a few publishers who implement our tags through this wrapper, and they are successful with Sovrn ad tags.