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Sovrn oRTB Cookie Sync Spec

Sovrn oRTB integrations require updates to your cookie sync pixel before implementation.

About the Sovrn Cookie Sync Pixel

The Sovrn Cookie Sync Pixel is initiated by the publisher when a request is sent to Sovrn with the below endpoint. 

This method allows a cookie sync to occur more often. Other integrations with Sovrn will only launch a cookie sync when Sovrn generates an impression.

Here is full endpoint:


Here's a quick explanation of each parameter you will need.


  • the gdpr flag
  • use 1 if the geo is a GDPR territory, if not use 0
  • needs to be populated by the partner


  • the tcf2.0 gdpr consent string
  • needs to be populated by the partner


  • Redirect URL Encoded sync pixel provided by the partner 
  • use the macro below at the end of the encoded redir

Server Side Macros

The following macro is used to populate dynamic parameter values. It must be placed at the end of the redir parameter. Please refer to the examples below to see how this should look.


  • Populates Sovrn Reader ID (a.k.a. the Sovrn Cookie)


Here is an example of the cookie sync pixel with the URL not encoded:


Here is an example of the cookie sync pixel with the location encoded:


URL Encoding

The redirect URL parameter should always be encoded. Its also important that the Sovrn ID macro ($UID) is already included in the URL before it is encoded as well.

Here is an encoding tool that our teams regularly use.

Our team can set this up for you if you provide your pixel. Of course, please reach out to the Sovrn Support team if you have any issues with set up