1. Sovrn Data Products

Sovrn Email Monetization Specifications

Publishers can use their hashed email linkages to make additional revenue. Find out how data is formatted and more in this article.

Data Pixel Implementation

A sovrn email pixel is installed within the body message of email marketing campaigns and on email registration forms. When an email is opened or a registration event occurs, the email pixel fires a request to Sovrn’s servers, and the associated hashed email address is captured.


<img src="https://he.lijit.com/merge?pid=<partner_id>&event_type=<event_type>&lc_md5=<lc_md5>&uc_md5=<uc_md5>&lc_sha1=<lc_sha1>&uc_sha1=<uc_sha1>&lc_sha256=<lc_sha256>&uc_sha256=<uc_sha256>&lc_domain_sha1=<lc_domain_sha1>" height="1" width="1" border="0"/>

PIXEL PARAMETERS - Casing should be done before hashing and the output of the hash should always be lowercase

pid required and should be set to the Partner ID (assigned by sovrn)

event_type email, reg, other - depending on if the pixel is placed in emails (email) on the registration page (reg) or elsewhere e.g. a container (other)

lc_md5  lowercase md5 email address hash

uc_md5  uppercase md5 email address hash

lc_sha1  lowercase SHA1 email address hash

uc_sha1  uppercase SHA1 email address hash

lc_sha256  lowercase SHA256 email address hash

uc_sha256  uppercase SHA256 email address hash

lc_domain_sha1  lowercase SHA1 email domain hash (for example yahoo.com)

Whitespace should be removed and email should be upper or lowercased before hashing the email

You can omit the hashed email parameters that are not populating


See below for an example of how sovrn hashes emails, stores them, and passes them in a pixel. While the details below are specific to our code base and data storage, the overall process is the same.

1. Sovrn uses java to send emails, and there is a library you can find online to hash emails

  • Partner Advice: Determine which code base you are using and do a google search to find hashing libraries for your own code base.

2. Once Sovrn finds the email, we will pass it to the function and store it on our end

  • Partner Advice: Determine a good place to store the email hash where it will be easily accessible

3. In order to pass the email in a pixel, Sovrn uses a macro replacement system

  • Sovrn includes a macro in the pixel that looks up the email from the storage