Sovrn and Google Open Bidding FAQ

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Google Open Bidding integrations with Sovrn.

What inventory types does Sovrn support in Google OB?

Sovrn can only support video or banner ads through our Google Open Bidding integration. We do not support Mobile App, Native ads, CTV, or other ad inventory types, and every other ad format type will be dropped. 

What geographies does Sovrn support in Google OB?

Sovrn only can accept traffic from countries in the Americas, from Europe, or from a select few countries in the Middle East. Please reach out to our support team for a full list of supported geos.

Does Sovrn require a cookie match for Google OB traffic?

Yes, Sovrn does require a cookie match on all OB traffic. 

Which Sovrn ads.txt line is required for Google OB?

Sovrn requires ads.txt for Open Bidding implementations, and we would prefer you to have all DIRECT and RESELLER ads.txt lines to maximize performance. That said, you only need the & ads.txt entries. We’ve included an example below:, 263669, DIRECT, fafdf38b16bf6b2b, 263669, DIRECT, fafdf38b16bf6b2b, 263669-eb, DIRECT, fafdf38b16bf6b2b

The “-eb” line is required for sellers.json reasons. If it is not included on your ads.txt page, you will miss out on ad spend from our top demand partners, like The Trade Desk and DV 360.

How do I see Google OB performance in the Sovrn platform?

You can only see Google OB ad stats in the Beta Platform for Sovrn. You can access this page from your Meridian account, and by clicking the yellow “Beta Platform” button in the top left part of your platform. 

You can also click here to be directed to that page. 

Once in your Beta Platform dashboard, click on the Endpoint dropdown and then on Google OB.

Sovrn Beta Platform - OB Endpoint

Why am I seeing Blank URLs for Google OB?

In certain situations, the Sovrn support team will see blank or null domains being passed along to our servers. Sovrn will be unable to monetize this traffic. 

Google recommends two things to fix this:

  1. Review your ads.txt coverage in #admin/adstxt, and ensure all domains are authorized.
  2. If you’re using GPTs, please ​​ensure the overriden custom URL value is valid. Make sure you’re using GPT’s URL override feature correctly. Here is the macro that you might be using:
.set(""page_url"", ""custom URL"")
If you have a question about OB that is not listed here, please reach out to our support team requesting that we add your question to this resource.