Signal Segments: Implementation Overview

Learn more about the Signal Segments product, how it's implemented, and how it can help publishers understand how buyers value their ad units.

Thank you for agreeing to join our //Signal Segments (Beta) program. Follow these 6 stages to get up and running.

1) Add your //Connect code to the page. 

//Signal Segments is delivered via Sovrn’s single delivery mechanism, //Connect. You will receive your //Connect code from your Sovrn account manager. 

When you first receive your //Connect code, it will just deliver //Signal’s data beacon. The data collected by the beacon will be used to provide insights into how your users are interacting with your advertising, and power the predictions for //Signal Segments. 

Our recommended way to add //Connect to the page is by delivering synchronously in the head tag of the page, above your GPT implementation. This is to give //Signal the best chance of being able to pass the prediction for each impression before the ad request is sent. 

2) Review data in //Signal Report.

After running //Connect & the //Signal beacon across your site(s) for 1-2 weeks, your Sovrn account manager will share a report with you containing insights into how your users are interacting with your advertising, and what segments could be available with //Signal Segments.

3) Enable GAM API Access for Sovrn (recommended). 

To be able to provide you with more in-depth reporting on how //Signal Segments is performing, we require read-only API access to your Google Ad Manager account. 

Please follow the steps in this article to enable API access for Sovrn. 

4) Create key values in GAM.

The predictions made by //Signal Segments are passed to GAM via key values. To be able to report on & target these key values, you will need to create them in your GAM account:

  1. Within your GAM account, go to Inventory > Key Values > New key-value.
  2. Enter the name ‘sovrn-viewability’. 
  3. The “Value Type” should be “Predefined” and select to “Include values in reporting”.  
      1. Note: If you are not restricted by GAM’s key value limitations, selecting “Include values in reporting & add key as custom dimension” instead will make reporting on these key values easier. 
  4. Click “New Values”, enter the following values '0.0', '0.1', '0.2', '0.3', '0.4', '0.5', '0.6', '0.7', '0.8', '0.9', '1.0', 'NA', and click “Save”. 

 5.  Save the key value & repeat for the ‘sovrn-engagement’ key, using the same values as above. 


5) Confirmation.

After //Signal Segments has been live for a few days, your Sovrn account manager will confirm the functionality of //Signal Segments with you. This will be based on the number of impressions //Signal was able to pass a prediction for, and the accuracy of these predictions. 

6) Activate

Your Sovrn account manager will then work with you to decide how to best activate these segments to start increasing yields from your high quality inventory. 

  1. Report on the //Signal key values within your GAM account to understand how buyers are pricing your quality inventory.
  2. Increase yields from your programmatic demand by assigning floor prices to the //Signal key values.
  3. Increase yields from your direct demand by targeting line items to specific //Signal key values.