//Signal Licensing and Third Party Demand

//Signal allows publishers to reload their ads based on page engagment, & can even be setup with third-party demand. Learn how to setup //Signal Licensing.

//Signal can be licensed and deployed against your full demand stack - giving you more control. //Signal is delivered through //Connect in a single line of code, so you get more flexibility and more revenue with fewer headaches.

This article will help you understand what is required to implement //Signal licensing.

We know that no two implementations are the same – we will be as hands on or hands off as you need. The following steps must be completed:

  • Complete the licensing agreement or addendum supplied by your Sovrn representative
  • Please inform us of any exclusions (line items, placements, order, etc.) so we can configure accordingly. Further details about exclusions can be found here.
  • If you do not already have //Connect enabled on your site, Sovrn will either add this feature to your  account, or create a new account with //Connect enabled.
  • The //Connect tag you will be supplied with consists of a single line of script (a JS call) that should be added to all pages where you would like to apply Signal reload
  • This can be achieved via one of three ways:
    • hardcoding to all relevant pages (by inserting the tag in the <head>)
    • trafficked to all relevant pages via a tag manager (uploaded as an HTML script)
    • trafficked as a creative via a vacant ad server ad slot e.g. 1x1 or Out Of Page (OOP) slot

Full //Connect implementation instructions can be found here.

Reach out to the Sovrn Publisher Support team in an email to publishersupport@sovrn.com for further assistance.