Setting Up Sovrn in Google Open Bidding

An OB implementation can be easy when done properly. Learn how to setup Sovrn in a yield group as a yield partner to make this setup as easy as possible.

Google exchange bidding is a relatively quick and painless setup, but only if the proper steps are followed from the beginning. This guide is meant to help publishers understand what they need to do on their end to make an Open Bidding integration as easy as possible.

The Basics

Please make sure that you do the following in your Google Ad Manager account: 

  1. Create Sovrn as a Company
    1. enable Sovrn for mediation
  2. Add Sovrn to Yield Groups as a Yield Partner
    1. make sure to add your ad inventory to yield groups

Here are a few resources from Google that might also help:

Publisher Action Items

Publishers wishing to connect their exchange bidding account with Sovrn demand will not see any approved yield partners in your account until they are created as companies, and then enabled for open bidding.

To set up a company in your GAM account, click Admin > Companies.

Make sure that Sovrn is setup as a company, and that Sovrn is enabled for Open Bidding before proceeding.

Setup Yield Partner

Next, publishers must set Sovrn up as a Yield Partner. Sovrn should already be a “Company” in that account, so be sure to use that value in your setup.

When setting up Sovrn as a company, make sure that ‘ad network’ is selected.

If you’re going to be reporting on this Ad Manager company, it might be best to name the yield partner “Sovrn OB” for your own record-keeping.

Lastly, set the “Credit Status” for the company to "Active". Only “Active” companies can be added to yield groups. If this is not yet possible, please reach out to the Publisher Support team for their assistance in getting approved.

For more information on yield partners, click here.

Setup Yield Group

A Yield Group contains all the ad partners that are included in your exchange bidding auction. To create a new yield group, click on Delivery > Yield Groups.

Create a new yield group and name it something descriptive for reporting purposes.

Select the most appropriate ad format, and inventory type that this group will target. Please note that Sovrn only supports Banner and Video ads.

Next, you can specify what ad sizes you want to target, or you can leave this section blank to target all ad sizes. If needed, apply any custom targeting rules in the Targeting section.

Now, you need to add Sovrn as a Yield Partner within this Yield Group. Click on "Add Another Yield Partner" and select the Yield Partner that has Sovrn in it.

Click “Save and Activate” when ready. For more information on yield groups, click here. Also, if you want to setup a video yield group, click here to learn how.

Next Steps for OB Implementation

Now that you’ve got everything correctly setup, you’re ready to reach out to the Sovrn team to finish the Google OB implementation process.

Reach out to Sovrn Support, and provide the following:

  • Your Google Ad Manager Network ID
  • Your Meridian username if you have a Sovrn account
  • The sites that you wish to enable for Google OB

Remember, your site will not be added unless you add Sovrn’s ads.txt values to your site(s).

Below is the Sovrn Beacon that helps publisher’s generate even more ad revenue. Either one of these codes should be placed in the footer of your site.

Standard Beacon for HTTPS/SSL

<script src="//" id="sBeacon"></script>

Async Beacon for HTTPS/SSL

<script src="//" async="true" id="sBeacon"></script>

Remember, the codes above are just examples that you can use, and you will need to replace the iid with your own unique value. You can obtain this value from reaching out to Publisher Support.

Make sure you add the Sovrn beacon to your site(s) for the best possible performance.

If you are using Google Tag Manager, you can use the instructions below to install the Sovrn beacon.

Create a new Custom HTML Tag in Google Tag Manager.

Copy and paste your custom HTML and/or Javascript code where indicated. The trigger selection should be “Page View”.

Click "Save Tag" when ready and your beacon will fire on a new page view.

Sovrn Steps for OB Implementation

Once we have everything that we need, Sovrn will then include you in our Pretargeting, and will whitelist your sites that have Sovrn ads.txt.

Remember, once pretargeting and site whitelisting is complete, it can take anywhere from 24-48 hours for bids to start registering.

Don't let your OB implementation get stuck. If you need help, contact our Publisher Support team for the support that you deserve.