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My website switched from non-secure to secure...

If you've changed your site from non-secure (HTTP) to secure (HTTPS), you will need to contact Sovrn support. Find out why in this article.

If your site switched from HTTP to HTTPS (SSL), it’s imperative that you reach out to Sovrn support. We will need to realign your ad units with SSL-friendly demand.

What is a secure website?

All elements of the site including the CSS styling, images, javascript, and other elements of a website are secure.

Sometimes, websites are setup thinking that they are entirely secure, but in reality, they aren't. This often results in mixed content issues.

What is a Mixed Content Error?

A mixed content error occurs when a site has both encrypted and non-encrypted data on a site. This can be stemming from a few different areas, and here's a good resource that you can use to resolve these errors.

If you have mixed content, the data of your site’s visitors is not secure, which means someone could steal you or your visitors’ data. As a result, your ad performance can decrease dramatically, your site's traffic can fall, and much more.

Contact Sovrn Support

If you've recently switched your approved website to SLL or https, please contact our support team. They will re-align your ad tags with the most up-to-date demand.

Once your tags have been realigned, the mixed content errors from Sovrn should be gone.

If you're still struggling to remove your site's mixed content errors from Sovrn, please contact our support team for additional help.