1. Sovrn Data Products

Mobile Location Data Product Overview

Location data allows advertisers to employ location-based ad targeting. Learn how Sovrn collects this data, and pays the publisher for that information.

Location data is of increasing value to advertisers who use the data to power sophisticated location-based ad targeting. For Publishers with SDK and Apps, Sovrn collects and monetizes location data from the device GPS. SOVRN distributes the location data to the advertiser and pays the publisher for the location data.


The Publisher will make the Mobile Location Data available for retrieval on the Sovrn SFTP. Required data elements include mobile_ad_id, timestamp of the moment the observation was recorded, latitude with at least 4 decimal points of precision, and longitude with at least 4 decimal points of precision.


<mobile_ad_id>  <id_type> <timestamp>   <latitude> <longitude>   <ip_address> <horizontal_accuracy>   <country_code> <location_context> <location_method>

A line in your location file is thus formatted as follows:

An actual line would look like this:


Advertiser use cases:

  • Target customers and prospects in an in APP environment based on their historical locations
  • Verify and Validate existing customer location profiles
  • Improve your attribution and measurement for in App campaigns
  • Footfall and visit attribution and measurement

Target Market

Brands, Agencies, Cross-Device and Data companies looking to enhance their internal location targeting and location-based measurement and attribution practices.

Publisher Benefits

  • Monetize your in APP location data and create a new recurring revenue stream
  • Access the SOVRN identity graph to make your APP audiences targetable in desktop and mobile web