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  2. Account Setup & Getting Started

Sovrn Advertising Exchange Tax and Payments

Sovrn can only pay publishers that fill out their tax and payment information. Find out how you can add that info, and how you can access your tax documentation.

So you’re ready to start making money with your Sovrn account? Good! Let’s get your payment information completed so that when the time comes, you’ll get paid!

Simply follow the instructions in this article, and you’ll be ready to earn your ad revenue.

  1. First log into your Meridian account.
  2. Then select the “Account” tab on the left.
  3. And now the “TAX AND PAYMENTS” tab at the top.
  4. Once there, you will be prompted to fill out your contact information. This is necessary before continuing to the next step. Once all fields are completed, click “Next”.
    *All tax and payment information must be filled out by you. While we strive to do as much for our publishers as possible, this is something we simply can’t touch.*
  5. On this next page, you will be asked to choose a payment method. You can learn more about the different payment methods here.
  6. Lastly, enter in your tax information. Make sure to fill out all this information correctly so you're ready to go when tax season comes around. To learn more about tax forms, make sure to take a look at our article on 1099 Tax Documentation.

You did it! Well done!

Now you know that once you’ve earned the cheddar, you’ll get that hard earned advertising revenue. Happy monetizing!