Ads.txt Information

How to manage your ads.txt with Sovrn Ad Management

Getting ads.txt lines for your Sovrn integration is easy. 

Click here to navigate to the ads.txt section of your account. 

Sovrn Hosting Ads.txt (recommended)

We recommend that you create a URL redirect for your ads.txt page to redirect to our ads.txt file. Instead of hosting the file yourself, configure your web server or server-side code to return a 301 redirect to the URL listed in the Ads.txt page of the Ad Management dashboard. 

This method is recommended as it ensures the file will always be kept up to date with the latest information and does not require you to continuously update the file on your end whenever a change is made to our ads.txt information.

Publisher Hosting Ads.txt

If desired, you can host your own ads.txt file and use the lines provided. The SMS platform makes it easy to either copy all lines, or to download them all.