Key Value Setup for Signal Licensing

Learn how to pass the “sovrn-reload=true” key value for Signal Licensing setup.

To effectively flag every Signal impression in Google Ad Manager, we can pass a custom key value. That key value is by default: “sovrn-reload=true” and in order to record these key values in your ad server, you must first define them.

Read more to learn how to setup and define your key values for Signal Licensing.

1. Within your Google Ad Manager (GAM) account, go to Inventory > Key Values > New Key Value.

2. Enter the Name and Display Name as ‘sovrn-reload’.
3. The Value Type should be “Predefined”, and you should select “Include values in reporting & add key as custom dimension” to ensure reporting and targeting work as expected

4. Click ‘Add Values’, enter the value ‘true’, and then click Apply.


5. Be sure to save your changes.

Please note that it can take 24 hours for a key value to propagate once it has been added.

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