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How to Support Google AMP with your Sovrn Ads

Find out how to support your website's Google AMP ads with Sovrn. The steps are much easier than you may think.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMP, is a tool that allows mobile pages to load faster than other mobile pages.

By using Google AMP ads, publishers can have mobile pages with faster and smoother loading which typically improves user experience. AMP HTML is able to load quickly because browsers have an easier time interpreting the script due to its design in regards to avoiding common issues that are known to slow loading times.

To allow Sovrn to display AMP ads, please ensure “Allow AMPHTML and non-AMPHTML Ads,” is selected in your AMP settings.

Feel free to consult these resources from Google before getting started:

Why is AMP important?

The feature that sets AMP apart, is the ability to use “Fast Fetch” logic in order to populate the landing page from Google’s AMP cache which greatly reduces the time spent loading. This isn’t always possible on every load of the page; however, even when the cached version isn’t served, it will still load much faster than a standard mobile page.


Standard ads can be served on mobile pages built with AMP simply by updating your mobile URL to the provided AMP URL; however, Google also offers a specific type of ad that follows the same format as AMP, called AMPHTML Ads. These AMPHTML ads are available to serve on both AMP and non-AMP pages. In order to serve an AMPHTML Ad, third-party technology providers must abide by the "Fast Fetch" logic similarly to AMP, whereby ads are retrieved and queued up for rendering only when an ad slot is in view.

The Sovrn Solution

Sovrn does not support Fast Fetch logic today, but it can support AMP ad slots set up to receive both AMPHTML and non-AMPHTML ads as seen below.

For each individual AMP ad slot a publisher can configure the following settings:

  • Require AMPHTML Ads Only
  • Allow AMPHTML and non-AMPHTML Ads

The second option “Allow AMPHTML and non-AMPHTML Ads,” must be selected in order to include Sovrn ads on your AMP site.

If you still have questions, please reach out to Sovrn Support via publishersupport@sovrn.com.