How to Report Bad Ads to Sovrn Ad Management

Find out how you can report bad ads to the Sovrn Ad Management Team.

If you encounter a bad ad on your website, the Sovrn Ad Management team would like to hear about it. Please provide the following information when reporting redirects. 

These items will help our security team get the whole picture and allow them to place a block much quicker:

  1. URL where the user was redirected from
  2. Device, OS, browser used during the redirect session
  3. Location and approximate date/time of the user
  4. Landing page and a screen capture of the page they were redirected to

Sovrn Ad Management publishers can add “#proper_overlay” to see what ad partner is responsible for a bad ad. If it helps, please take a screenshot of the overlay and share it with your account manager.

Why do you need all these details?

  1. The URL is important because it gives the Ad Management team a starting point to recreate the redirect condition.

  2. The device, operating system, and browser is important because it helps the security team replicate the environment that the redirected user was in. Sometimes bad actors target specific devices, browsers, and OS's. They can also target desktop vs. mobile.
  3. Location and date/time of the ad impression is helpful because the bad actors will often geo-target the user or have specific dates for an attacking campaign. The date and time are also key because it’s possible we may have blocked this attack somewhere else. The attack might have happened before we blocked it or after. If it is after then there is likely a hole in the patch meaning certain demand isn't being scanned, and then we can reach out the responsible demand partner.
  4. The Landing Page URL & screenshot of the page allows us to see what ultimately happened. This gives us intel on whether or not the bad actors changed their methods to evade us, and helps us identify which bad actor is responsible for which attacks. 

Different bad actors use different creatives, landing pages, and techniques to trick users into giving them information. We can help block bad ads only if we have the right information.