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How to Report Bad Ads

We actively scan our ad network looking for malicious activity which includes malware and redirects. Here is what we're looking for.

Sovrn actively scans 100% of our bid responses looking for malicious activity which includes malware and redirects. The bad actors that insert malware and redirects into ads change their practices erratically, so there is a chance that we won't catch every instance. That's why we've invested in fixing this industry scourge.

Please help us stamp out malicious ads by sending the campaign id for the ad along with a screenshot. This allows us to track down the creative ID of the malicious unit.

Finding Campaign ID using 'Inspect Element in Chrome

1.  Visit the webpage in question.

2.  Recreate bad ad.

3.  Right click blank space of page, select ‘inspect element.’

4.  Select mouse ICON within square on top left of inspect area.

how to report bad ads

5.  When pointer icon is blue, select the ad in question.

6.  Inspect element will scroll to the bottom of the ad call chain of the ad selected.

7.  Start scrolling upwards. You will be looking for the keywords ‘sovrn’ ‘lijit’ ‘vap.lijit’ ‘addelivery’ or ‘sovrn_banner_ins.’

8.  When you have found those keywords take a screenshot of the entirety of the ad call and page, if possible.

how to report bad ads 2


9.  When you are hovering over the ad call that corresponds with the ad in question, you will see the black box appear (a). the ad will be blue/grey highlighted (b). The portion we need a screenshot of is within the rectangle (c).

10.  After you have taken the screenshot in Inspect Element, look at the lines that are above the green Sovrn ad call and find ‘HTml’ (A). Then right click ‘html’ and select ‘Edit as ‘HTML’(b).

how to report bad ads 3

11.  Select all and copy and then paste into email body / word processor and include with the screenshot you are sending us.

how to report bad ads 4

This information supplies Sovrn with all the information needed to block the source of the bad ad.

Don't hesitate to reach out to publishersupport@sovrn.com if you have any further questions.