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How to Promote Merchants for Sovrn Commerce

Every month 850 million clicks go through the Sovrn //Commerce network. Learn how you can use the resources in your account to promote merchants.

Trends Explorer

Every month 850 million clicks go through the Sovrn //Commerce network, creating trends and patterns about e-commerce and shopping behavior. Information about these trends can be found in our Trends Explorer:


The portal displays the products that are performing well for Sovrn //Commerce publishers over the past seven and 30 days.

When you click on an image you will see all the pertinent information about that product including item name, brand, merchant name, category, and price. You also have the ability to share the product via Twitter and Facebook and copy the URL of the product or the URL of the provided image.

The category list gives you the ability to find trends that are more applicable to your needs. For example, a lifestyle blogger might be most interested in seeing "Lifestyle" trends.

Images and Banners

Sovrn //Commerce provides images in the Trends Explorer: https://www.viglink.com/trends/explorer. Just click on any product to reveal a Copy Image URL button:

Sovrn //Commerce does not provide banners. You can, however, create your own banners by hyperlinking images with an Anywhere link: https://publishers.viglink.com/publisher/anywhere

Merchant Promotions Delivered by Email

Sovrn //Commerce sends an email on most weekdays with a collection of merchant promotions — current sales, accompanying promotional codes (if applicable), start and end dates, and merchant URLs — in a CSV document.

If you are interested in receiving the Sovrn //Commerce promotional feed, please fill out this form. You will be added to the daily CSV featuring the newest promotions from our merchants if:

  1. Your site is approved for affiliation
  2. Your site is in good standing

Please be aware that the promotional feed includes promotions for all Sovrn //Commerce merchants, not just merchants who have approved your campaign for affiliation. Merchant approval is still required to earn commissions on any of the promotions included in our feed.

The email is typically delivered Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.