How to Manage Convert in Your Sovrn Commerce Account

Learn how to mange the settings to prevent Convert, or Optimize from working on certain parts of my site.

Publishers can access their Settings at

Note that changes to your Settings can take up to 24 hours to take full effect.



Convert's main function is to scan your content and automatically turn any existing merchant links into affiliate links. The core feature cannot be turned off from the panel; if the Javascript is installed on your site, Convert will run.

Reaffiliate Affiliated Links

If you have existing affiliate links on your site, you may want Sovrn //Commerce to overwrite them or bypass them. To overwrite the links, make sure this box is checked. To make sure Sovrn //Commerce bypasses them, make sure this box is unchecked.

Link URLs

By default, Convert will only automatically affiliate existing hyperlinks. If you also want Convert to turn plain text URLs into affiliate links, check this box.

Optimize Links

The Optimize Links feature will allow Sovrn //Commerce to transform links into affiliate links for a different merchant that is carrying the exact same product. Sovrn //Commerce will optimize the merchant in cases where one merchant is paying a higher commission rate or where the publisher is not approved to work with the original merchant.

Advanced: Link Target

Decide whether you want users to be directed to the merchant page in the current window or a new window. We recommend that you select "New window," which offers a better user experience.

How can I prevent Convert or Optimize from working on certain parts of my site?

Sometimes it’s useful to configure the JavaScript Library differently for a certain page on your site, or even for just part of a page. For example, you might have  Insert enabled on your site, but have an area where links should never be inserted. Sovrn //Commerce's behavior can be configured by adding certain labels (called CSS “classes”) to your site’s HTML.



When Convert is enabled (on by default), norewrite can be used to ensure links are never converted on specific parts of a page.


If "Optimize Links" is enabled, use nooptimize to ensure certain links are never optimized.

To ensure that Convert is disabled, please use both nolinks and norewrite in the class.


To prevent a single link from being monetized:

<a href="" class="norewrite">VigLink ignores this</a>

To prevent multiple links from being monetized:

 <div class="norewrite">
None of these links will be monetized by VigLink. Not
<a href="">this one</a>, or
even <a href="">that one</a>.</div>

If your HTML already has another class where you’d like to use one of ours, just add a space between them. They’ll both work as expected:

<div class="myclass nolinks">
My Nikon D7000 is amazing! VigLink will not insert a link on the text Nikon D7000.</div>