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How to Manage Your Sovrn Commerce Sites

Learn how to add sites to your Sovrn Commerce account, and where to find each site's secret key.

Both your API key and your secret key can be found here. Click on the "key" icon to reveal the keys for each of your sites:
This will reveal a page with your site's API key and an option to generate a secret key (which will allow you to use some of our API tools):
Note: When using the secret key for API tools, remember to use the word "secret" along with your key. That is, "secret 1234" rather than just "1234".

Can I add Sites?

Yes! To add a site, click here and click the blue "ADD SITE" button:
Follow the instructions to create your new site. Once created, your site will enter an automated review process and be approved once you start generating clicks.

Can I remove a site from my account?

Sovrn //Commerce's system actually does not allow sites to be removed. We recommend renaming your site something like "zDONOTUSE." Your sites are ordered alphabetically, so this sorts your defunct site at the bottom of the list and prevents you or Sorvn //Commerce from mistaking it as an active site.
You can rename your sites by clicking here.

Can I change my login email?

To change your login email address, send an email to support@viglink.com from the existing login email address requesting the change. Be sure to include the new email address you would like to use.

Can I add additional users to my account?

Sovrn //Commerce's system does not support additional users. If you want multiple people to be able to access your account, we recommend using a generic email address (for example, commerce@mycompany.com). Note that everyone with the login information will have full access to the account; we are not able to restrict an individual's permissions within Sovrn //Commerce.