1. Getting Started
  2. Getting Started with Sovrn //Commerce

How to Get Started with Sovrn Commerce

Read on for step by step instructions on how to set up an account, and how to be approved to work with Sovrn //Commerce.

Getting started with Sovrn //Commerce is easy with just a few steps!

1. First, sign up for an account here

2. Add any & all channels or sites in which you intend to promote our merchants through. You'll do this under Sites in the Settings tab.  You can add a blog, forum, personal website, social media account, mobile app, or browser extension.

3. Complete the Approval Process. We put each new site through an approval process before turning on affiliation to ensure that our publishers abide by our and our merchants' terms of service.

Approval Process

We must receive click traffic through one of our affiliate link creation methods in order for a site or channel to be reviewed. It is essential that you send us a click somehow in order to verify the traffic meets the requirements of our merchants and affiliate program.

 You can provide traffic in these various ways:

  • Sovrn //Commerce JavaScript
  • Anywhere link (manual link): Best option for Social Media accounts
  • Approval with the API
  • Mobile App or Extension approval

After traffic has been sent through, your site will be reviewed by our Network Quality team to then have affiliation permissions turned on to begin working with available merchants.

Merchant Process

Until your sites or channels of promotion have been fully approved for our //Commerce network you will not be eligible to earn a commission with any of our available Merchants. The Merchant Explorer will show all our listed merchants with a red ‘x’ until one of the above approval steps have been completed.

You may find additional information on our merchant programs here.

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