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How to Get Invoices and Pay Statements from Meridian

Publishers that are monetizing in the Sovrn Ad Exchange can pull invoices and pay statements from their account.

Publishers that are active and monetizing in the Sovrn Advertising Exchange are able to pull invoices as well as payment statements.

Invoice History

Navigate to the Tax & Payment section of your Meridian account, and then click on the “Invoice History” button in the top right. 

Starting with January 2021 earnings an invoice for each product type (Exchange, Gold, Data Hashed Email) will be available. From here, you can see the due date of invoices and expected payment date, as well as download invoices for your tax or filing purposes. 

Clicking on three horizontal lines next to each invoice will provide an option to download the PDF invoice.

Payments History

Navigate to the Tax & Payment section of your Meridian account, and then click on the “Payments History” button in the top right. 

This section shows more specific details about each payment from Sovrn to you, and allows you to download the invoices paid on that payment and payment confirmation details.

Clicking on the “download confirmation” button will download a payments details report from our third-party payment processor. This can be used to verify how a payment was processed and to what account. 

Clicking on the arrow will lead to a more in-depth information screen, where you can see the amount submitted and the amount received (including currency). 

Remember: Sovrn submits all payments in USD, but you can choose to receive the funds in a different currency, based on your payment method and location. This screen will also show which invoices were paid (you can download a copy of the invoice by clicking on the “download PDF” button).  

You can also see why a payment could have failed, along with an error message explaining more details. 

If you notice that the status is “deferred” or “rejected” on the prior screen, you can more information on the cause of the deferred or rejected payment on this screen: 

This is also where you can see if you’re being paid in the default United States Dollar, or in another currency. You should be able to select what currency you wish to be paid in on the Payment Method section of your financial and billing info.

The available payment methods and payment currency for each payment method type will depend on the location of your bank.

Please reach out to publishersupport@sovrn.com if you’d like to change what currency you receive payment in, or if you have any unanswered questions.