Google Ad Manager & MCM Authorization for Inventory Representation

Sovrn Ad Management requires MCM authorization for spend with Google AdX.

What is MCM?

MCM gives publishers access to Google Ad Exchange demand through a delegation type called Manage Inventory.  Publishers can be represented by Sovrn Ad Management which allows Ad Management to run AdX on your website domain(s).

This is required for implementation, as you will not receive any AdX spend without completing this step.

The Steps

1.  Account Approval:  Your Account Manager will initiate an email invitation from Google containing the authorization request.  The authorization request will prompt the publisher to register with Google AdExchange as being represented by Sovrn and will allow us to run AdX on your site(s). 

2.  Domain Approval:  Upon Account Approval, we move on to domain approval.  Your Account Manager will deliver a set of ads.txt lines to post to the publisher's ads.txt page.  Once posted, the Account Manager will submit the domain for Google MCM Approval.

Once both the Account & Domain are approved, your site is ready for the Sovrn Ad Management to run Google AdX on your inventory.


AdX often accounts for over 40% of inventory purchased programmatically on a given site, so this authorization is an important step in maximizing yield.

Please note that Sovrn Ad Management does not have access to your GAM account or any other inventory.