Getting Started with Sovrn & Google Open Bidding

Google Open Bidding integrations can be completed in 1-2 business days. Find out how to speed up your Google OB integration with Sovrn, and how you can start monetizing ASAP.

Most of the information you need to go live with Sovrn in OB can be found in Google’s support articles. Here are links to them for your reference:

1) Ensure your Google Ad Manager (GAM) account is authorized for Google OB

Not All GAM accounts are permitted to work with Open Bidding. Only publishers with access to a Google Ad Manager 360 account, or those with special access to OB within their Google Ad Manager account are eligible. 

2) Fill out the Sovrn Click-to-Accept OB Form

Sovrn has created a form that will help us collect all the right information we need to successfully implement with Google OB. 

If you’re unable to locate this form, please reach out to the Sovrn support team via our website, or by emailing

We require the form depicted above to be filled out with each new integration, unless you have a special agreement with Sovrn in place. 

Filling out this form will create an internal support ticket in the Sovrn system. Upon 1-2 business days of filling out that form, we will get back to you to provide your ads.txt, to request additional information, and to guide you through this implementation process.

This is the perfect time for you to send us site approval lists and site blocklists. Click here to learn how to make ad quality blocks with Sovrn. 

Our Support team will confirm with you when we start to see ad revenue generated in your account via this new integration. 

3) Create Sovrn as a Company within your GAM

This must be done for each demand partner that will be participating with your ad supply via Google OB. Doing so will add your account to the Sovrn Pretargeting settings, where we can approve or reject your account. 

You can set up a new Company in your GAM by following this click path:

Admin > Companies > New Company > Ad Network

Sovrn should auto-populate once you start typing out the company name. 

Please note that you can complete this process even if you see an error message pop-up. 

If you’ve already created Sovrn as a company, you can use that existing list to proceed with this integration. 

4) Add Sovrn as a Yield Partner within a Yield Group

This is where you can specify what ad units that Sovrn will bid on. You can utilize both of the Google support articles that are linked above for support here. 

You can either create a new Yield Group, and add Sovrn as a new yield partner within that new Yield Group. To create a new Yield Group, you can use the following click path:

Delivery > Yield Groups > New Yield Group

Or you can utilize an existing Yield Group, and add Sovrn as a new yield partner within that existing Yield Group.

Remember that you can exclude or include specific domains, ad units, geographies, and more to maximize your OB ad performance. 

5) Confirm You’re Seeing Spend with Sovrn

The Sovrn Support team will reach out to you once we start to see advertiser spend in your account. 

Remember that you can see this information in the Beta Sovrn platform, but most of your ad stats will be reported on from your Google Ad Manager instance.