Getting Started with Sovrn in Amazon TAM

Find out more about integrating with Sovrn through Amazon TAM.

Sovrn partners with Amazon Publisher Services for both the Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace, and for the Amazon Unified Ad Marketplace. Together, these tools make up the Amazon Publisher Services platform.

Instead of integrating with multiple partners via Header Bidding, Amazon allows you to integrate many different SSPs in one Transparent Ad Marketplace. This is helpful for reporting purposes, to reduce latency, all while increasing revenue via a server-to-server connection.

Amazon Publisher Services is invite only, and it is for publishers using Google Ad Manager. Follow the steps below to get started with an Amazon TAM integration in your Sovrn account.

Get Access to Amazon TAM

All publishers must have access to Amazon Publisher Services before integrating with Sovrn. If you don’t have access, you can contact the Amazon Team to request access.

Once you’ve received an invite, you can create your account, provide billing and payment information, and you’re ready to create ad slots in the TAM dashboard. 

You will need to facilitate an integration with each SSP that you intend on working with through Amazon TAM. For example, if you’re planning on working with Magnite, Sovrn, and OpenX, then you will need to have an account on each of those platforms.

Set up GAM with TAM specific line items

This can be done by following the instructions given to you by Amazon. Here’s a guide from Google on line items in Google Ad Manager for you to reference.

Once completed, these new line items will allow you to receive bids from Amazon Publisher Services in a way that fits with your GAM account.

Integrate the Amazon JavaScript onto your site to start requesting bids

This piece of JavaScript will come from your Amazon account. 

Please make sure to place it in your site(s) header.

Share your Sovrn Account ID with your Amazon Contact

If you need your Sovrn ads.txt, you can click here to be directed to the ads.txt page of your account.

Once your GAM is ready and you’ve implemented your Amazon TAM JS, you are ready to reach out to Sovrn to request your ad units. We need to associate each Amazon ad slot with Sovrn ad ‘zones.’ Once that is done, you should start monetizing. 

You will need to share your Sovrn Account ID with your Amazon representative so that they can enable the connection. This can be found in your Sovrn ads.txt and is the number directly after & See the screenshot below:

Feel free to reach out to Sovrn via, and we can help make sure that your TAM implementation is set up correctly.