Google Open Bidding FAQ

The Google Open Bidding product allows publishers to easily 'plug-in' ad partners like Sovrn into their Google Ad Manager account.

Google's Open Bidding, or OB, is one of the many Google products for digital advertising.

Put simply, OB is a server-side bidding solution that allows publishers to easily work with different ad partners. It allows you to invite Sovrn and other third-party demand partners to compete for ad inventory in a single auction with real-time, server-to-server bidding. Get your frequently asked questions answered below.

Which Google Open Bidding products does Sovrn support through its advertising exchange?  

Sovrn supports mobile and desktop display and video impressions. We do not currently support InApp. 

I’m having trouble signing up for Google Open Bidding through Sovrn. Who can I contact?  

Please reach out to if you have any issues signing up, and one of our specialists will help you out. 

I’m already a Sovrn user. Will I get a new user ID or account when I sign up for Google Open Bidding? 

No. We will connect your Google Open Bidding account to your existing Sovrn account, or we will create a new account for you.  

Will I be able to view my Google Open Bidding performance on a Sovrn dashboard? 

At this time, Google Open Bidding reporting is only accessible through your Google dashboard.

How should I update my ads.txt to support Google Open Bidding? 

Following Sovrn’s approval of your Google Open Bidding request, our support team will send you applicable ads.txt updates. You may also email our Site Approval team anytime at with general questions regarding your ads.txt. 

Can I amend or edit the Google Open Bidding agreement?

No, it is not possible to amend Google Open Bidding agreements. However, if you have specific questions about the terms of the agreement, you may reach out to our support team at 

How do I apply blocks to my Google Open Bidding setup?  

To apply blocks, please email with the following information: URL, Category, or Attribute blocks to be applied at either your account level or your tag/zone level. 

I applied to Google Open Bidding through Sovrn more than 3 days ago and haven’t heard back. What do I do? 

Please contact our Site Approval team at for an update on your approval status. 

I have general questions about Sovrn. Who do I contact? 

We have information about our services available on our website and support site. You can also get in touch directly by emailing