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What is the Difference Between Estimated Data and Actual Data?

Estimated data & actual data are not the same in the SMS platform. Learn about the differences between the two.

Sovrn Managed Services utilizes two different kinds of data. One is based on the SMS team’s impression-level data, is real-time, and highly customizable. However, it isn’t financially accurate. It’s an estimation based on our own reporting and analytic tools. Actual Data that is provided by each SMS demand partner, and is accurate for finances. 

What is Estimated Data?

Estimated Data can power quick insights on a single or multi-dimension level. Utilize pre-built dashboards that we have created for all publisher accounts, or create your own dashboards from data pulled from the “Explore” feature in Looker

Estimated Data can be found by clicking “Analytics” and with any of the options there. See below:

What is Actual Data?

Actual Data is the data that is provided to the SMS team by each demand partner. Each demand partner takes some time to provide these numbers to SMS, and as a result, it’s often much slower than SMS estimated data. That said, these numbers are accurate in that they are the numbers that SMS will pay out to each publisher. 

Actual Data can be found by clicking “Billing” and then on “Revenue” in your account. See below: