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Email Monetization Product Overview

Sovrn Hashed Email solution creates an additional revenue stream for publishers allowing them to monetize their data. Learn more about this product.

Did you know that you can monetize your email sends through Sovrn? When used in tandem with Sovrn display ads, you can get a more complete picture of your audience and how they're consuming your content.

Read on to learn about the Sovrn Hashed Email monetization product.

What is a Hashed Email?

A hashed email is an encrypted version of an email address. Hashing makes it so that information is deliberately difficult to reconstruct after put through a given function, thus in the case of advertising, make a particular ID anonymized.   

For example, let’s say a website visitor’s email address is visitor@yourwebsite.com. The md5 hashed version of this email would be 5710eda8857f20cc1fe7c4b19978bb64.

How are Hashed Emails Used and Monetized?

  1. Direct monetization: The Sovrn Hashed Email solution creates an additional revenue stream for publishers allowing them to monetize their data. Sovrn does so without sacrificing the privacy or security of a publisher's readers. Sovrn will pay publishers on the number of net-new unique hashed emails in a calendar month. Net-new means the hashed emails have to be incremental to the pool of emails Sovrn already receives from other publishers in the period. Sovrn will pay for the same data every month.
  2. Indirect monetization: Stronger reader profiles provide demand partners more data, and thereby reward Sovrn publishers with increased CPMs.               

How does Sovrn protect the reader’s private information?

Privacy and identity protection are important to Sovrn which is why we make sure our participating publishers update their privacy agreements before starting to monetize off their emails.

In addition, we encourage readers to be active participants in this process and allow them to opt-out of all Sovrn ad services via the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out tools for desktop devices and mobile devices

How much incremental revenue can I expect from email monetization?

In terms of direct monetization, at the current moment, you should expect around 100,000 unique hashed email linkages to result in around $350 MRR. Our Data as a Service team is working hard to continue developing relationships with trusted data management companies that will continue to drive revenue per unique linkages up.

Please note that this is not counting the indirect lift that can be expected in terms of fill rate and higher CPMs if you are working with us through our advertising products. This product promotes larger circulation of our Sovrn cookies as well as those of our demand partners to give advertisers a better sense of readership. Currently, we have a 50/50 revenue split set up for all linkage monetization efforts.

When does the publisher get paid?

As the month ends partners need to verify the total linkages sent from Sovrn before we can distribute earnings. At the very latest, publishers would receive their earnings 45 days after the month ends.

What do I need to get started with email monetization?

In order to get started with email monetization, there are a couple things that need to be in place:

  1. Sign the Data Provider Contract and ensure that your privacy standards are in compliance
  2. Reach out to linkage@sovrn.com with your signed contract attached. We will then provide a unique Publisher ID or “PID”

Have some additional questions? Need some more help? Reach out to our support team for answers!