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How to Create Custom Reports in the Dashboard

Reporting in Ad Management is fast, accurate, and customizable. Find out what custom reports you can make with the help of Looker.

Analytics from the Ad Management Platform are powered by Looker, and for more information about what you can do in that tool, please check out the Looker Knowledge Base.

Using the "Explore" Feature

Custom Reports can be set up by using the “Explore” features in the dashboard. You can set multi-level reports to see CPMs, impressions, requests, by content type or by traffic source. 

As an example, you can quickly create a custom report to see Country-specific performance. You can easily search for each value and click on each of them to add them into your report.

See the screenshot below to see how you could build this custom report:

Custom Reports & Custom Variables

Publishers often have custom variables that need to be included in reporting. The custom reports from the platform can be very helpful for larger publishers that need insights as to how those custom variables are performing. For example, if you want to know what authors are generating the highest CPMs, impressions, viewability, and revenue, you can set that up. 

You’ll need to utilize this documentation first to better understand how to set up SMS Custom Variables. 

For the example above (what authors are generating the highest CPMs, impressions, & revenue) you’d want to utilize the “writer” parameter. 

Receiving Your Data

The Sovrn Ad Management Platform allows publishers to either download this data, or to schedule them to send to an email address or to a webhook. To do this, click on the vertical 3 dots in the top right corner of each report or dashboard.

Here’s a screenshot so you can see all the options on how you can receive this data: