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How to Utilize Pre-Built Dashboards

The Ad Management team has built dashboards for you in the Platform. See what you can do with these reports.

Each publisher account in the Ad Management platform will have access to a few high level reports & dashboards. Those reports are:

  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Source
  • Referrer
  • Creative Type
  • Demand Partner
  • Demand Channel
  • Browser
  • Country
  • Device Country
  • Operating System
  • Website

Keep in mind that these pre-built reports only allow you to see one dimension at a time. Embedded reports show performance over time based on the dimensions above.

Acquisition Data

All of these data points fall under the "Acquisition" dropdown option in the platform. These data points and dashboards utilize UTM tracking parameters that are set by the publisher.

UTM Campaign

This dashboard can be used to monitor performance of your ads based on the UTM Campaign that you're using. 

  • Examples: facebook-ads, back-to-school-promo, email-newsletter

UTM Content

This dashboard can be used to view UTM Content performance to see performance after users click on a certain item. 

  • Examples: navigation-menu, subscribe-button

UTM Medium

Publishers can utilize this dashboard to see performance based on what type of traffic the reader originated from. 

  • Examples: cpc, social, referral, display

UTM Source

This dashboard can be utilized for publisher reporting efforts on where the traffic comes from. This parameter is similar to UTM Medium, but is a bit more granular.

  • Examples: facebook, google, bing, twitter, email, linkedin

UTM Term

This dashboard can be used for any keyword tracking that is done via UTM links. This is especially helpful for publishers that are interested in what keywords are generating the most ad revenue.

  • Examples: news, politics, shopping, homepage, sports


Get reporting and performance insights on referring URLs so that you can see what websites are sending the best traffic to your domain.

  • Examples: google.com, m.facebook.com, getpocket.com

Delivery Data

This dashboard in the Ad Management platform can be used to see ad slot performance. 

Here's a quick breakdown of what this dashboard looks like:

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 2.38.15 PM

Delivery data includes the following metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Refresh rate
  • eCPM
  • CTR
  • Viewability
  • Estimated Revenue

Demand Data

The following dashboards fall under the Demand dropdown in the platform. These tools can be used to evaluate demand partners, ad types, and auction types.

Creative Type

This dashboard allows for publishers to see how specific ad types are performing. See how your display ads are working in comparison to your in-stream ads.

Demand Partner

This tool gives publishers insight on specific demand partner performance. We have integrations with over 40 different demand partners, and we will show each partner's performance in this dashboard.

Demand Channel

The Demand Channel dashboard provides a quick breakdown of each auction type, or endpoint. You'll be able to see metrics for header bidding, Google OB, Amazon TAM, oRTB, and other integration types.

Platform Data

The following dashboards all are located under the Platform dropdown option. These reporting tools give unique insights on browser, countries, device types, operating systems, and site(s).


This dashboard breaks out performance for a publisher account by each unique browser that we detect. See Chrome performance, as well as Safari, Firefox, Opera, Apple Mail, Pinterest, and much more. 


This dashboard allows publishers to see ad performance broken out by the reader's country. 

Device Category

This dashboard breaks out performance by each device type. The categories are mobile, tablet, desktop, and bot. This tool is especially helpful for monitoring IVT.

Operating System

Publishers can utilize this dashboard to see how ads are performing by operating system. Options for filtering include Android, Linux, iOS, Mac OS X, and many more. 


Publishers who operate multiple domains can see performance for ALL domains in this dashboard.

Realtime Data

The Ad Management platform will display data VERY quickly. It has about a 2-minute delay from when an impression is dropped on the page to when that data is accessible in various reports.

Publishers looking specifically for real-time data can utilize this dashboard to see the last 30 minutes of data on ANY of the metrics that are listed above.

Custom Reports

Click here to learn more about building custom reports in your SMS account.